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  • What is Tiny Rebel Games?

    What is Tiny Rebel Games Limited?

    Tiny Rebel Games Limited is a video game developer with over 20 years of work in publishing and game development. This company, which has designed many award-winning games, has also undertaken the publishing of many quality games.

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    What Year Was Tiny Rebel Founded?

    Tiny Rebel Games is a video game developer in South Wales founded by Lee Cummings and Susan Cummings. Founded in 2013, this company developed games on its own at first, but in the following years, it has accomplished many successful works under the leadership of Lee and Susan.

    Tiny Rebel Games, which was two partners in the first years, later turned into a 5-person company, designed two Doctor Who games with Ed Fries, the founder of Xbox and a long-time friend of the Cummings. Company co-founder Susan Cummings was among the principal founders of 2K Games in her career. He also proved himself in the industry by signing contracts with Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, SpecOps and X-Com, as well as being a major shareholder in the founding of 2K Sports.

    Lee Cummings, on the other hand, was a producer at Rockstar Games, which included games such as Grand Theft Auto and Bully. Tiny Rebel Games partners, with experience in many different fields, have achieved success by creating many PC, console and mobile games with 40 years of experience.

    Tiny Rebel Games Limited

    What are the Games of Tiny Rebel Games?

    Tiny Rebel Games has been involved in many different types of games since its establishment. There are many games developed and published by the company, as well as popular games in which the founders of the company took part in their previous careers.

    The list of Tiny Rebel Games is as follows;

    • Doctor Who Infinity: Published and developed by Tiny Rebel Games, this game was released for the first time on August 7, 2018.

    • Doctor Who – Legacy: Developed by Tiny Rebel Games, this game is inspired by the BBC television program Doctor Who. At the same time, this game, in which Seed Studio is also in the development stage, was released on November 27, 2013.

    • Tiny Rebel Beer Money Inc.: Tiny Rebel Games is a mobile video game developed for Android and iOS platforms.

    What is Tiny Rebel Games Most Known Game?

    Tiny Rebel Games won awards and the appreciation of many users with 2 games released under the name of Doctor Who. However, Doctor Who: Legacy game from this series became more popular and liked more.

    Doctor Who: Legacy is a free-to-play game inspired by the BBC's show. This game, which covers the puzzle and RPG genres, was closed on 17 February 2019 due to the fact that Tiny Rebel Games company did not want to renew its license with the BBC, although it was loved.

    Tiny Rebel Games Limited

    Which Systems Has Tiny Rebel Games Released?

    The platforms where Tiny Rebel Games publishes their games are as follows;

    • Doctor Who Infinity: Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Classic Mac OS
    • Doctor Who – Legacy: Android, iOS, Facebook and Amazon
    • Tiny Rebel Beer Money Inc.: Android and IOS
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