eTail Market Information About Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)
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    In this article, the general attitude adopted by eTail Market management about 6698 numbered Personal Data Protection Law ("PDPL") will be explained.

    Your personal data is protected on the eTail Market site. Our site is protected 24/7 with effective security measures.

    All kinds of information about the private lives of our site visitors are protected and this information is processed meticulously.

    Due to the importance of privacy of personal life, this informative article has been prepared. This article provides information about our site's attitude towards PDPL.

    The data of our site users are stored for the following purposes:

    1-      Products and services that related 5809 numbered Electronic Communications and relevant legislation are offered on our site. In accordance with the relevant legislation, information and documents are kept by the management of our site in case of a request from the Information Technologies and Communication Authority and are submitted to the state institutions in the form of information and reporting when necessary.

    2-      This information is also stored for the safe delivery of our products and services.

    3-      Documents and information are not shared with any person or institution not permitted by law under any circumstances.

    4-      By applying to our site, you can learn the purposes of using your personal data, can get information about the institutions and people your data is shared with. And you can request the correction or change of the necessary places.

    5-      If you think your information is used illegally, please contact [email protected] e-mail address.

    6-      For detailed information about PDPL, it will be sufficient to click on any of the links below:

    v  Click here for the Institution of Personal Data Protection website.

    v  Click here to read the PDPL legislation in Turkish.

    v  Click here to see the PDPL legislation in Turkish in the Official Journal.