Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Information Note

1- The products and services purchased by the users from this website are within the scope of the goods delivered to the consumer/user immediately, and such sales are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal from the sale and the exercise of this right, regulated under the Legislation on the Protection of Consumers and applicable international agreements on this subject. Accordingly, the products and services subject to the purchases made by the users on this site are deemed to be consumed upon delivery to the user and cannot be subject to a return or replacement request. User/consumers accept, declare and undertake this issue.

2- eTail.Market is responsible for the effects and damages arising from user/consumer errors in the use of these products or services and obtaining benefits due to the instant performance of any product or service purchased by the user/consumers from the site. is not. All risks arising from the use and performance of any service and product offered by eTail.Market due to the above-mentioned characteristics belong to the user/consumer. According to the relevant legislation, the transactions and contracts within this site, which are in the nature of Distance Contract, are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and use of the contracts regarding the services performed instantly in the electronic environment and the goods delivered to the consumer instantly. For this reason, no refunds or replacements are made by eTail.Market under any circumstances. Users are aware of this situation declared in relation to the products and services offered by this site, and they agree and undertake not to make any claims to the contrary.

3- Within the scope of the digital product services offered by eTail.Market and all kinds of services related to it, in case of any violation or action that will be considered as a violation of the usage and participation conditions of the users, all kinds of rights and usage opportunities provided directly or indirectly by the relevant service, copyright, With the consent of the rights holder, the user's account in the system will be frozen for a temporary or permanent period. In this case, the user declares, accepts and undertakes that he will not re-enter the system, the service provided, any electronic platform and similar media connected with this service, and that he will not demand the refund of the payments he has made, if any.

4. To use eTail.Market to the consumer, unilaterally, voluntarily and periodically, without paying an additional fee and within the scope of the services offered on this site, as a result of the purchases made by the consumer through this site The maximum usage period of the bonuses given for The consumer can use the aforementioned bonuses within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of their delivery (including by e-mail or all kinds of electronic transfer methods to the relevant user accounts). Bonuses that are not used within this period will be systematically canceled at the end of the period, and after this period, the relevant consumer does not have the right to request the use of the same bonuses.

5. Exchange of gold, power-up items or other actions made through illegal channels outside of the terms and conditions of the game may lead to account closure.